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Shaftesbury Theatre

Shows from Broadway Theatre You Will Fall In Love With!

"Let music flow in your heart and enrich your soul."

Mainstage Series

Content-rich, award-winning plays and musicals have transpired into entrancing concepts on the stage of Shaftesbury.

Treasure Island

A series that was adapted from the novel of the same name has been one of the most popular events to have been held in the theatre. Parts of it are still being enacted on stage for the loyal audience.


This romantic musical play has been on stage for decades now, and it still goes strong with the plot that never dies over time.

Damn Yankees

A show that ran over 1000 performances in several theatres has a piece being played in Shaftesbury even today. It comes as no surprise that the musical comedy that came with a book to become a worldwide fad continues to impress the fans.

“Go experience the wonders that you never knew existed in the artistic side of humans.”

Sherry E. Duvall


Get your art-loving buddies and drive over to the Westside for an epic night of romance, drama, action, and many other marvels.


& Juliet is running now with some wondrous performances to enthral you. Visit the theatre to witness this best love story in ages. Weekends have evening and night shows.


Take the right count and head to the booking site for the tickets that are probably running out at the moment.


Weekend broadcast of the show is something you can wait for, but nothing like the first-hand experience of it.


Savour the hysterical tunes of life with the shows that are bound to take you on a laugh riot. Get ready to witness the transformations from a smile to a grimace to fear, and over to serenity as the stage gets ablaze by the exquisite details that emanate from every corner.

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Shaftesbury Theatre (London) – All You Need To Know

Shaftesbury Theatre

The Shaftesbury Theatre in London has the capacity to hold 1393 seats which includes 750 seats in the stalls, 380 seats in the Royal Circle, which is one of the grandest places to be in London. It has some of the most intricate detailed planned seating plan which can easily seat reviews 1322 photos of the views from the seating. This is one place where you can enjoy the seating in any place for optimum viewing and hearing experience.

The Shaftesbury Theatre was designed by Bertie Crewe and opened as the New Prince’s Theatre in the year 1911. It was the last time where the theatre was built to help set the structure of the Avenue. This is the place which saw some the best Broadway transfers which saw the ceiling collapsed during the performance of the Hair in the year 1973. This forced the long-running show to be cooled down under 2000 performances. The theatre went under major refurbishment in the year 2006, which helped with the voice modulation of the characters. The place was later reopened and was hosted by the Hairspray, Flashdance, Rock of Ages and Motown the musical among many more.

There are many seating arrangements in the year 1400, which saw a mid-sized venue which was split into three levels. The front stalls were split into two sections which later became aisles in the rear stalls that helped with the splitting of the back into three more sections. The Royal and Grand Circles which suffer from the same sight-line problems which in certain rows were caused by the backstage to help keep it obscured.


There are many bargains which can be found when it comes to the rear ends of the Royal circle, which can be felt from a distance. The stage still offers an overall good view which in the grander scale of things can be reduced. The centre seatings are among the 14-24 which can easily be avoided with as much restrictions as possible. If you are looking to enjoy the Shaftesbury theatre, you need to make sure that you are seating the centre of the stalls in the row D-H, seats 10-26. The sitting area is something which generally allows the viewer to have some of the best views and exposure to the stage.

The back row seating is one which allows you to lean forward and have the right distribution. Also, there are some of the cheapest seats available in the whole place. You will able to have a huge space for your legroom as well as make sure that you can enjoy the place without any disturbance.